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Dr. Komrad Honored by Peers

In Feb 2015, Dr.  Komrad  was inducted into the prestigious American College of Psychiatrists, an organization of only 750 psychiatrists from around the world.   

"Membership in The College is by nomination and extensive review, limited to psychiatrists who have demonstrated outstanding competence in the field of psychiatry, and who have achieved national recognition in one of the following fields: clinical practice, research, academic leadership, and teaching."


Rosalyn Carter and Dr. Komrad

at the Carter Mental Health Policy Symposium, Atlanta Nov 2014. 

Mrs. Carter wrote the Foreword to Dr. Komrad’s book.


Dr. Komrad has been named the

Frances J. Lentz

Mental Health Professional

of the Year

by the Metropolitan Baltimore chapter of NAMI


Dr. Komrad has been awarded the 2013 by NAMI, National  the:

National Exemplary Psychiatrist Award

(The National Alliance on Mental Illness).  "Award winners are recognized for their advocacy for access to care and research funding, community education programs or other NAMI priorities.  Winners have also provided comprehensive treatment to people living with mental illness, addressing medical, rehabilitative and social
needs, or have taken the time to provide education to individuals and families about mental illness, showing dedication to improving the lives of people with serious mental illness."


Dr. Komrad was recognized by the National Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA), who elected  him to their Target Zero-to-Thrive Hall of Fame.


Komrad’s new book:  You Need Help:  A Step-by-Step Guide to Convince a Loved One to Get Counseling was published by Hazelden Press on 8/28/12. A Foreword to the book was written by former First Lady, Rosalyn Carter, with cover endorsements by Sen. Patrick Kennedy and author/actress Carrie Fisher.  It is available in  print and e-book editions. 


Dr. Komrad is presenting workshops around the country about the ideas in his book, CLICK HERE to see the schedule of upcoming appearances. Read reviews of the book , or articles about the book.  Or listen to radio and TV interviews with Dr. Komrad about the book.


Dr. Komrad is an the mental health contributor and has been frequent guest on the “Dan Rodricks Show” on the Baltimore NPR affiliate WYPR FM 88.1.   Past segments can be heard on podcasts or downloaded here

and can now be heard on the Baltimore Sun podcast Roughly Speaking” with Dan Rodricks


Dr. Komrad was once again awarded the Carol Davis Ethics Award by the American Psychiatric Association in 2011 for his work in e
ducating psychiatrists about clinical ethics and his regular column “Practicing Ethically” in

The Maryland Psychiatrist.

He won this award previously in 2010


Dr. Komrad was once again named as one of the "Top Doctors in Maryland" by his physician peers in the BALTIMORE MAGAZINE,
November 2010 .  He had previously been profiled in that publication as “One of Maryland Top Mental Health Professionals”


  1. Combining psychotherapy and psychopharmacology for mood disorders (bipolar and major depression), borderline personality disorder, anxiety disorders,

schizophrenia and related disorders, adult attention deficit disorders.

  1. Advising how to convince troubled family members, loved-ones and friends to get a psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

  2. Medical ethics in mental health care--consultation and training.

  3. Public education and media interviews on topics in psychiatry.

  4. Training of psychiatric residents and primary care physicians in psychiatry.

  5. Study of the image of psychiatrists and psychiatric ethics in the media.  Consultation to movie-makers regarding the portrayals of psychiatrists.

  6. Advocacy for families and patients, advising support groups like NAMI and DBSA and SARDAA

Care Philosophy 

To combine state-of-the-art medication therapy (if necessary) with compassionate psychotherapy for symptom relief, practical problem solving and psychological insight into feelings and behaviors. I approach therapy as a conversational dialog.

Expertise in psychopharmacology is aimed to a personalized approach that uses the scientifically verified evidence adjusted for the nuances of an individual's personal experience. My treatment of a patient does not always require medication, and is sometimes “talking only.”  I do not think of talk therapy as a "cure" but a "collaboration."

I  will provide a second-opinion consultation for people currently under the care of a psychiatrist, and will remain in a consultative capacity, rather than transferring such patients to my ongoing care from their current psychiatrist.

One aspect of my practice is advising people who have concerns about the mental health of a loved-one, friend, or colleague.  I will help to develop an understanding of what might be going on with that person, how to approach him or her about the problem, and try to get them to agree to have a professional evaluation which can lead to getting treatment.   I will advise families in the techniques discussed in my book, You Need Help:  A Step-by-Step Plan  to Convince a Loved One to Get Counseling.      For more information about such a consultation, click here.

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